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3rd Party Communication: The Vital Role of a Letter of Authorization

Image of Freddie Avila on the phone with foreclosure attorneys, discussing strategies to save a homeowner's house.

Why a Letter of Authorization is Crucial When dealing with banks during foreclosure proceedings, having all the necessary paperwork is essential. One crucial document you’ll need is a completed letter of authorization. This letter contains vital information such as your name, property address, loan number, and the specific permissions you’re granting to the third-party service […]

Solutions for Homeowners Facing Layoffs in 2024—How We Can Help

A group of worried individuals standing outside their homes with moving boxes, symbolizing massive layoffs and impending homelessness.

By Freddie Avila Introduction to Homeowner Assistance In recent months, there have been thousands of layoffs across the country. Tesla, the tech world, and at least nine retail brands have announced they’re closing US stores in 2024, totaling some 1,280 locations. In the wake of these developments, navigating financial challenges has become a pressing concern […]

Claiming Surplus Funds After a Trustee Sale in California: A Step-by-Step Guide

Homeowners receiving surplus funds after Trustee sale in California, a non-judicial state.

Understanding Surplus Funds After a Trustee Sale Auction in California In California, when a property is foreclosed upon and sold at a trustee sale auction, there are occasions where the sale proceeds exceed the amount owed on the mortgage. These excess funds, known as surplus funds, rightfully belong to the former homeowner or other parties […]

Homeowner’s Rights in a Non-Judicial Foreclosure

Illustration of a homeowner holding legal documents, representing homeowner rights to a non-judicial process.

By Freddi Avila Your Rights and Where to Get Help California and federal laws protect homeowners during a foreclosure: How the Non-Judicial Foreclosure Process Works Usually, before the foreclosure process starts, the lender sends many letters demanding payment. If they want to start foreclosure, they’ll need to follow the steps and timeline below: 30 Days […]

What is seller financing and how does it work?

Couple Securing Their Dream Home Through Seller Financing" "From Financial Distress to Dream Home: A Seller Financing Success Story

By Freddie Avila Understanding Seller Financing in California In the dynamic landscape of California real estate, seller financing emerges as a strategic alternative, offering a method where the seller becomes the lender, providing direct financing to the buyer. This innovative approach bypasses the traditional route of securing a mortgage from a bank or financial institution. […]

What is the right of redemption in California?

Illustration of a gavel symbolizing property auction with a calendar marking the redemption period.

Understanding Redemption Periods and Consequences for Property Auctions in California By Freddie Avila When a property is auctioned off, whether due to foreclosure, tax sale, or other reasons, the redemption period becomes a critical timeframe for the former homeowner. This period provides an opportunity for redemption, allowing the homeowner to reclaim their property by settling […]

The Power of Assumable Mortgages: A Comprehensive Guide

A "For Sale By Owner" sign with text "Assumable Loans Available" against a backdrop of a residential property.

By Freddie Avila In the ever-evolving realm of real estate financing, assumable mortgages have emerged as a potent tool for reshaping the dynamics of home buying and selling. Delving into the intricacies of this financing mechanism unveils a world of opportunities for both buyers and sellers, backed by a tapestry of benefits, nuances, and considerations.  […]

Exploring the Potential of Wrap-Around Mortgages in Real Estate

Excited new homeowner holding keys after completing a wrap-around mortgage deal.

By Freddie Avila Wrap-around Mortgages (known as a wrap)  A type of Secondary Financing you can use to purchase real estate  The Seller extends to the buyer an installment note which wraps around any existing notes that have already been secured by the seller.   Example: If a home is valued at $100,000 and the […]

Preventive Measures Homeowners can take during a Foreclosure

An older couple, baby boomers, seated at a computer desk, researching foreclosure prevention strategies online.

By Freddie Avila Stay Informed: Homeowners should stay informed about available foreclosure prevention programs and resources. They can do this by regularly checking government websites, attending public listening sessions, and participating in surveys and feedback opportunities. By staying informed, homeowners can ensure they are aware of the assistance programs and eligibility criteria that may be […]

Prevent Foreclosure in Ventura County, California

House Debt Relief assisting homeowners with foreclosure in Ventura, California.

By Freddie Avila Facing foreclosure can be an incredibly stressful and daunting experience for homeowners, particularly in a dynamic region like Ventura County, California, which encompasses bustling communities such as Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Simi Valley, Camarillo, and Moorpark. However, with the right guidance and resources, overcoming this challenge is possible, leading to a more […]

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